Komfort NPD-PO-0015 – New Lockbox Re-Design

Giotto’s experienced installation experts are getting to grips with a brand new lockbox from Komfort, featuring performance boosting improvements.

After listening to customer feedback, Komfort lockboxes and Strikes have undergone an extensive redesign. Problem areas were identified as limited aesthetic designs that don’t suit other door designs such as ironmongery, no latch adjustments being possible when required, problematic fixing options and no option for removal or maintenance once installed.

The brand new and thoroughly improved design applies to both timber and glass doorframes, and has eliminated all problem areas. With a stainless steel aesthetic, the lockboxes will now suit any door, from glass and timber to ironmongery and more ornate designs.

These innovative back boxes and strike plates will be factory fitted, with our experts having the option to remove them onsite during installation and maintenance. They will also now be adjustable, reducing the risk of incorrect measurements during installation and subsequent door rattling issues.

Komfort’s fire certification for this product is maintained with the redesign, full details can be viewed as part of their filed application document from IFCA.

We’re told that while all orders following the announcement of the new designs will be fulfilled using the new product, there are a reserved amount of old designs to support orders that must match existing doors, if required.

Giotto Group is delighted to work with Komfort and their excellent range of designs, and support the innovative improvements made to their products.